DIY Hunting SPEAR from old car Leaf Spring

Turn your Car Leaf spring into a Spear for Hutning

Spear fish hunting, or even having one laying around in the event that you need to defend yourself or your home, this is a good weapon to have because it allows you to keep a safe distance while also being able to defend yourself if needed.

A few years ago I had a Toyota Tundra that had a broken Leaf Spring. Lucky for me, I didn’t really haul anything with it so I was able to drive around for a while before getting it replaced. Lucky for me it was also still under warranty so I didn’t have to pay anything but a $100 deductible for the after-market insurance… anyways!

If you have one laying around, or you can go to your local junk yard to find one, they are essentially a strong piece of metal made to flex to help your vehicle distribute its weight on the frame of the vehicle.

In this video you’ll see a guy transform a regular old leaf spring into a hunting or defense spear that he attaches to a pole, in this case a stick very good wooden pole. We’ve also linked a few products that might help you tackle this project if you don’t already have them around your home.



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